Custom HDR images for rendering

Custom HDRI (high dynamic range images) for reflections in renders, made by

NOTE: each ZIP folder contains the .hdr image and a preview .jpg. The HDR image is named TexturesCom_Pano029.hdr – so you can conveniently replace one of´s two hdr images (setting “piazza“). Thanks HJ!

Read more about using custom HDRi with here

HDRi by (Mass Effect Andromeda) Test renders by me, (photorealistic, medium quality 265 samples)

ProTip: The orientation can matter a lot. I have achieved very different results by rotating the scene by 90°

Angara Room Hallway

Archon Flagship Docks

Central Area


Exploration Hallway

Kadara Cliff

Meridian 1

Meridian 2

Meridian 3

Meridian 4

Meridian 5

Meridian 6

Meridian 7

Meridian 8

Meridian 9

Volcano 1

Volcano 2

Volcano 3