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Overwatch(R): Bricktron Light Blaster
Bricktron Light Blaster, alternative build for LEGO 76974 Overwatch Bastion Heavy, futuristic blaster with light brick and trigger mechanism, maitenance cover and …

Alternative Builds

  • Star Wars: 501st Legion Marauder, LEGO 75280 Alternate Build
  • Star Wars: 501st Legion Gunship LEGO 75280
  • Star Wars: Cloudrider Speeder, LEGO 75215 Alternate Build
  • Ninjago(C): Kai´s Red Crest, LEGO 70615 Alternative Build
  • LEGO 76143: Avengers Cruiser & AIM Trike, free Alternative Build
  • LEGO 60227: Research Ship – Space Station Alternative Build
  • LEGO 60225: Space Rover Alternative Build
  • LEGO 60226 Alternative build: Probe  Shuttle
  • Star Wars: 501st Legion Diorama, Minifig Display
  • Trouble on Tatooine: Tusken Speeder,  LEGO 75299 free Alternative Build
  • Star Wars(R): Poe´s Droid Shop, LEGO 75273 alternative build
  • Creator 3in1: Creator Space Rover, LEGO 31087 alternative build
  • Ninjago: Ninja Tuning Ship, alternate build for LEGO 71710
  • Star Wars: A-Wing Speeder, LEGO 75248 alternate build
  • Ninjago: Cole´s Stone Bike
  • Ninjago: Katana 4×4 Spaceship – Kai´s Cargo Crab
  • Speed Champions 76985: Ferrari Actros Truck – alternative build
  • Armored Speeder Tank (AST) LEGO 75283 alternative build
  • Overwatch(R): Bricktron Light Blaster
  • Star Wars: Night Buzzard 2.0
  • Star Wars: 501st Legion Dropship, troop transport ship
  • Star Wars: Grievous´Combat Throne, Minifig Display
  • Ninjago: KATANA COMET, Katana V11 Spaceship
  • Speed Champions: Jaguar Racing Car
  • Speed Champions: Jaguar Racing Truck
  • Avengers: Than-O-Bot
  • Lego City: Wildlife Rescue
  • Lego City: Police Transporter Cart
  • Jurassic World: Dino Park Patrol
  • Ninjago: Cole´s Earth Driller Razor Crest  (C) (R) TM
  • Speed Champions: Lambo-Truck
  • Avengers: Iron Bot
  • Avengers: Micro Tumbler
  • Avengers: Bike Attack
  • Creator3in1: Outback Truck
  • Jurassic World: Dino Medic – custom build instructions
  • Lego City: Police Sports Car
  • Lloyd´s Retro Racer custom LEGO build instructions
  • Marvel Avengers: Thanyonyx, Thanos Dino Rider
  • Speed Chamions: McLaren CyberTruck
  • Star Wars: Anakin´s Master Speeder
  • Ninjago: Stormbringer Brain Cyclops
  • Avengers(R): Transport Speeder, Spaceship & Bike
  • Ninjago: Shuradicator
  • Marvel Avengers: Iron Garmaddon
  • Lego City: Police Minivan
  • Lego City: Police Truck
  • Lego Movie2: Rexplorer Turbo
  • Overwatch: Wrecking Blaster
  • Hagrid´s Mobile Maisonette
  • Kai´s WingSpeeder
  • Speed Champions: Cyberpunk Rallye Car
  • Lego City: Airport Fire Truck
  • Ninjago: Quake Bass Cafe
  • Creator 3in1: Monowheel Transporter
  • Mutterschiff: Booster module, instructions
  • Mutterschiff: Geo Lab, instructions
  • Mutterschiff: Cockpit, main shuttle, instructions
  • Mutterschiff: Rover, instructions
  • Mutterschiff: Shuttle, instructions
  • Ninjago: Jay´s Storm Speeder, Cyberpunk Speeder
  • Lego Movie2: Rexplorer and Dino Rider
  • Black Panther: Wakanda Security Shuttle, instructions
  • Marvel Avengers, Bike, instructions
  • Ninjago, Destiny´s Wing: Kai´s (Air) Speeder, instructions
  • Nexo Knights: Lance´s Tumblr, cyberpunk vehicle, instructions
  • Star Wars: Moloch´s Ship, Dropship/Speeder, instructions
  • Ninjago: Zane´s Frost Escort Spaceship, instructions
  • Black Panther: Outrider Dropship, Spaceship, instructions
  • Star Wars: Yoda´s Treehouse
  • Ninjago: Samurai Pod Spaceship, instructions
  • Creator 3in1: Dragonpod, Mythical Spaceship, instructions
  • Galaxy Squad: Galaxy Defender
  • Nexo Knights: Cyberpunk Dino Rider, instructions
  • Jurassic World: “Dino Truck” Gyropod Transporter, instructions

Mini MOCs

  • Box 70615 (from Kai´s Red Crest)
  • Kai´s Hovercrib (from Kai´s Red Crest)
  • Lego City Police: Detective Doggo, air & cybercrime unit
  • Marvel Avengers: Escape Pod, prison cell
  • Star Wars: The Mandalorian, Speeder-MOD
  • F.E.V. Rex Dangervest Edition
  • Marvel Avengers, Bike, instructions
  • F.E.V. – Foldable Exploration Vehicle, build instructions
  • Star Wars: Jedi Council Seat, instructions
  • Lego Instructions by


  • MOC: Steampunk Monowheel – Steamwheel
  • Monoheel: Blacktron Bounty Hunter
  • Ahsoka´s Monowheel
  • Creator 3in1: Monowheel Transporter
  • Emmet´s Monowheel
  • FMU: Futuron Monowheel Unit, instructions
  • Ultra Agents: Toxikitas Monowheel, instructions
  • Blacktron 1: Blacktron Monowheel, instructions

See my MOC(s) for each set

For some sets I have more than one build available. Many more to come! You can check out my LEGO collection at Brickset. For set- & build-suggestions, ideas, questions and LEGO talk in general, find me on Instagram @dorian_bricktron

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