Ninjago(C): Alien Gun, Alternative build for LEGO 70652

Compact handgun with double secured spring loaded shooter system.

Alternate build for LEGO 70652, I have used the dragon-parts only, sidebuilds remain intact.

Two covers at the front block the darts and a hatch at the top hides the dart´s ends where you push them down to shoot.

The chain has decorative purpose only. The two lower blasters can be used as display stands.

It´s built with an inner technic frame with brackets which hold side panels. The front “eye” can be removed easily and there´s a “secret chamber” hidden behind the yellow side flaps;

My parts list contains pieces from this build only, not the whole set

1x Extra Part: 99563 Minifigure Utensil Ingot / Bar in Pearl Gold

More images in my Bricksafe page for this MOC

Alternative build for LEGO 70652

This is the set needed to build the MOC. A list of the required bricks is included in the PDF.

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