501st Legion: Heavy Gunship (LAAT) 4x LEGO 75280

alternate build for LEGO 75280 (4 sets) + extra parts

lego 75280 gunship moc

This is my first MOC using four of the 501st Legion “Battlepacks” which were kindly provided by krasse-kiste.de

  • 2 cockpits with controls and hatches
  • rotating front blasters
  • adjustable wings with bomb stacks
  • cargo hatches under the cockpit
  • big interior with “sliding doors

Regarding my first 501st build, the Dropship, – this MOC is sturdy and swooshable when you know how to handle it. I would say it´s a good 7 out of 10:)

You can put in a lot of minifigs but I haven´t counted exactly. To open the back doors it helps to turn them inwards before pulling to the side.

More images in my Bricksafe page for this MOC

Alternative build for LEGO 75280

This is the set needed to build the MOC. A list of the required bricks is included in the PDF.

Click the image to see all alternatives I have made for this set so far.

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