Ninjago(C): Kai´s Red Crest, LEGO 70615 Alternative Build

Alternative build for Kai´s Firemech from the LEGO Ninjago Movie (70615)


  • flexible doorpanels allow easy access to the interior
  • posable engines for different flight modes
  • cockpit with two seats and accesses for both pilots
  • ramp at the rear
  • storage space inside the ship
  • vertically rotating front blaster canons
  • retractable landing gear
  • fish atomizer grill hidden at the front
  • hidden weapon rack 
  • sub build extras: hovercrib and two barrels


  • the landing gear is very fragile and it will break off as soon as you touch the ship
  • it´s easy to accidentally knock off the flame pieces at the engines
  • the hatch mechanism for the second pilot is a bit weird, but it works when you know the thing, after building it;) (push harder)
  • putting minifigures in the seats in the lower interior is not the biggest fun when you have big hands

This build includes very little “senseless technic greebling” for the amount of pieces, which I´m very proud of:)

Of course, the name is inspired by the famous Razor Crest, but my main inspiration for this build came from two creations: The_Bricked_Cave´s “Kai´s Dragon Hammer Ship”  and Gino Lohse´s “Laser Thrust”

More images in my Bricksafe pafe for this MOC

Alternative build for LEGO 70615

You don´t need the set to build my MOC. A list of the required bricks is included in the PDF.

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