Ninjago: TITAN GUN – LEGO 71738 Alternate Build

💥 Bricktron TITAN GUN 💨

Alternate build for LEGO 71738  “Zane´s Titan Mech Battle” – all parts except 3 plates, the shuriken and the sidebuild for Legacy Jay. +2 extra parts

Please check out my video with all the details and info!

  • Trigger mechanism shoots 2 spring loaded shooter darts simultaneously
  • inserting darts repositions the trigger
  • small lid at the rear
  • 2 free clips for storing the darts
  • small aiming device at the top

🔴IMPORTANT: this is a premium MOC and you receive well made PDF build instructions – Thank you for your support!

If you can´t or don´t want to pay for it, there´s a free option: to make the PDF instructions, I need to build the model in digital form. I recorded the process and uploaded it to Youtube. The video is 3,5 hours and very boring, but you get the same result as with the PDF instructions. NOTE: I made some mistakes during the digital build process, check out the gallery with the corrections before starting! 

Free build video:

📁Gallery with all photos and renders of this MOC:

📁Gallery with the corrections for the build video:

(If you want to build this model without the set, you can find the parts list on rebrickable and bricklink.)

Alternative build for LEGO 71738

This is the set needed to build the MOC. A list of the required bricks is included in the PDF, but also publicly available on LEGO, Bricklink, Rebrickable.

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